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horsemanship Horse Training
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We are so excited to be able to offer this amazing way to get some instruction and encouragement for you and your horse(s), without having to leave your own barn.  Maybe you can't get your horse loaded in a trailer, maybe you don't have the means to haul your horse across the country, or maybe you simply don't have the time and money to attend a clinic...well this can be your solution!  Simply shoot a video of you and your horse working together, (preferably on something specific), and send it to us.  We will watch your video and respond back to you with some encouraging instruction that could help get you and your horse on the right track.  This is a great tool to use even when getting ready to attend a clinic, to help you get prepared.  We have several options available, so pick what fits you the best.
10 minute video:
w/ email response 

15 minute video:
w/ email response
20 minute video:
w/ email response
These three options will provide you with a typed email response of what we analyzed in the video you sent to us.
"Up to" 20 minute video:
w/ video response
With this option, you can send us a video "up to" 20 minutes long and we will send you a video back showing you with one of our horses specifically how to approach your issue or maneuver!
You are responsible for getting us your video.
Once we receive it, we will analyze what we see and respond back to you.  If you choose the video response option from us, we will provide you a link to watch it.  If you're not able to view the link, other arrangements can be made.