Facility                                      Clinic format

Huffman Farms ---------------------------   Youth Clinic (Fundamentals I)
Huffman Farms ---------------------------   Fundamentals II
Ten Nine Arena ---------------------------   Intro to Working Cowhorse
Blaisdell Rodeo Arena ------------------  Fundamentals I and II
Blaisdell Rodeo Arena ------------------  Youth Clinic (Fundamentals I-II)
Bluestone Ranch -------------------------  Youth Clinic (Fundamentals I-II)
Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship -------------  Youth Camp (Fundamentals II)
Pine Creek Horseman's Camp --------  Fundamentals II
Muddy Boot Ranch ----------------------    Youth Clinic (Fundamentals I)
Muddy Boot Ranch ----------------------    Youth Clinic (Fundamentals II)
Muddy Boot Ranch ----------------------    Breakaway Roping Clinic
Muddy Boot Ranch ----------------------   Fundamentals II (manuevers)
Red Lion Farm ---------------------------     Fundamentals II
Kerry Kuhn Horsemanship ------------     Working Cowhorse I
Horse Hiney Tack Shack Arena -------   Fundamentals/Manuevers

Huffman Farms ----------------------------  Fundamentals II (pending)
Huffman Farms ----------------------------  Youth Clinic  (pending)
Dates (2022)

April 9-10
April 11-13
​May 6-8
May 18-20
May 21-22
May 23-24
June 6-10
June 24-26
July 27-28
July 29-30
July 31-Aug 2
Aug. 3-4
Sept. 9-11
Oct. 5-9
Oct. 21-23
2023 dates:
Jan. 11-13
​Jan. 14-15

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 in your area or even at your facility?
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horsemanship Horse Training
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2022 Schedule of Clinics:
horsemanship clinic

Fort Myers, FL.
Fort Myers, FL.
Mena, AR.
Blaisdell, ND.
Blaisdell, ND.
Sawyer, ND.
Medicine Lodge, KS.
South Bloomingville, OH.
Halliday, ND.
Halliday, ND.
Halliday, ND.
Halliday, ND.
Gray, ME.
Medicine Lodge, KS
El Paso, AR.

Fort Myers, FL.
Fort Myers, FL.

$400 youth (FULL)
$750 (FULL)
$400 youth(FULL)
$400 youth (FULL)
$850 youth (FULL)
$750 (2 spots left)
$400 youth (FULL)
$400 youth (FULL)
$750 (FULL)
$500 (4 spots left)
$750 (1 spot left)
$750 (2 spots left)

$900 (2 spots left)
$400 (6 spots left)


​   3
trail ride clinic
Clinic Schedule
To attend one of our scheduled clinics, please make your selection below to retain your spot as space is limited.
Clinic deposits are non-refundable.
Click here for release form
"All of our clinics will start with group prayer as 
we value the safety of each rider and horse and 
ask the Lord to have his hand of protection upon everyone.  We will also have a short church 
service on Sunday mornings before the clinic 
starts at 8:30(attendance not required).

2022 "add-on" rates:
$75/hr after clinic hours
$150 if Kerry "needs" to ride your horse 

OutsideTraining - $1,250/month
(for roping - $1,500/month)
Limited space!
Private sessions:
At Medicine Lodge: $150/half day
                                $300/full day

At your facility: $900/day plus
                                      travel expenses
             Email us to schedule
Fundamentals I class:
For the horse and rider still building their core fundamentals.  If additional groundwork is needed prior to riding or if you're still working on your balance at the canter, this class is for you!
Fundamentals II class:
This class is for the horse and rider ready to expand and refine their fundamentals.  Horse and rider are both confident at the canter and prepared to work on more body control.
All youth clinics limited to 7 riders.
All adult clinics limited to 8 riders.
Clinic Deposit 50%
For questions about any of our clinics, email us at:
      [email protected]