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Horses are magnificent animals, but they become truly magical when they are well-mannered, well-trained, and willing to perform upon your request.  Such a bond between horse and rider can be extremely powerful, but can take years to develop and can be extremely frustrating if there is no foundation upon which to build.  This three part DVD series, BUILDING A WILLING FOUNDATION, utilizes Kerry Kuhn's Practical Horsemanship philosophies to build trust, respect, and confidence in young green colts as well as older, experienced horses.  These concepts are successful for all types of horse-related activities, from pleasure riding to  trail riding to ranch work to competition.  Kerry's simple, easy to understand presentation style and unique ability to communicate with his audience make this a truly worthwhile product for riders of any age or experience level.  This is not just another colt starting video, this video will allow you to unlock your horse's full potential as well as your own, this DVD series in an absolute necessity!
Congratulations on mastering the topics covered in our first DVD series, "Building a Willing Foundation", which explains how to build trust, respect, and confidence between you and your horse.  Having such a foundation is critical before beginning the next phase of our program, "Building Control", which is featured in this DVD.  Control in this context is the ability to provide subtle direction to your horse so that their body follows even if there mind isn't willing.  It is something that all riders strive to improve in their horses and it is the next step along our path to the ultimate goal....refinement!  This DVD addresses many ideas an fundamentals on how to build control in a way that minimizes confusion and discouragement for both you and your horse.  we discuss the importance of a balanced, independent seat in offering clear direction.  We detail how to handle you reins and how to 'hold' pressure rather than 'pull' on your horse.  We show you how to use your legs in conjunction with your hands.  Finally, we illustrate the key to unlocking the secret of "Building Control"...using your seat, hands, and legs together.
Trail riding can be one of the most enjoyable equine activities that you can participate in, but trying to fix a problem on the trail is extremely difficult.  When your horse's "herd" instinct is in the way, it can make riding down the trail stressful and dangerous for you and your horse, as well as other riders and their animals.  Your best chance for a successful trail ride is to ensure that your horse is patient and that their attention is focused on you.  Creating such a willing frame of mind in advance will allow both you and your horse to have the most pleasant experience possible.  
The concepts addressed in "Trail Tips", our third DVD in this series, expand on those covered in our previous DVD's "Building a Willing Foundation" (building trust , respect, and confidence between you and your horse) and "Building Control" (providing direction so that you horse's body obeys even if the mind isn't willing).  This DVD covers many important topics that are common issues on the trail, such as herd bound/buddy sour, trailer sour, riding uphill and downhill, riding around objects, and crossing water.  We address how to handle these situations when they show up on the trail, but our main focus is to provide you with things to work on at home before you hit the trail, so you are prepared in advance for whatever surprises may arise.  Happy trails!

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