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Our Handcrafted nourishing de-tangler will nourish and strengthen your horse's mane and tail. And an added bonus it will also nourish their skin and yours too.
Just a blend of natural oils each selected to keep the inside as healthy as the outside. We love our horses and we want to give them the best. Our product is filled with oils that each bring its own individual nourishing properties to keep hair and skin manageable and healthy.
Coconut Oil
  •   Moisturizes hair
  •   Adds Luster, shine, and softens
  •   Prevents breakage and split ends
Shea Oil
  •   Rich in vitamin E, Fatty Acids, and Minerals
  •   Prevents dry hair and skin
  •   Moisturizes, softens, and conditions
  •   Strengthens and promotes growth
  •   Contains antifungal and antibacterial properties
  •   Gives hair freshness, brilliance, and luster
Jojoba Oil
  •   High in vitamin E and B-complex for skin repair and regeneration
  •   Moisturizes hair and follicles without leaving residue
Argan Oil
  •   Promotes growth and thickness, adding natural shine
  •   Moisturizes hair making it healthier and  more manageable
  •   High concentration of vitamin A and E
Meadowfoam seed Oil
  •   Locks in moisture, adds luster, rejuvenates hair
  •   Provides protection against harsh rays of the sun
Chia Oil
  •   Contains High Omega- Fatty Acids, Protein
  •   Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, niacin, iron, and zinc
  •   Antioxidant benefits, moisturizing hair
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Nourishing De-Tangler
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16 oz Bottle - $38.50
8 oz Bottle - $22.50
4 oz Bottle - $12.50